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East Sumba Travel Package, Sumba tour 3D2N

East Sumba Travel Package, Sumba tour 3D2N
East Sumba Travel Package, Sumba tour 3D2N

Day 1  : Pick Up Service-Persaudaraan hill- Wairinding Hill

“Persaudaraan” means a brotherhood actually. One thing that you may notice is that the hill offers an amazing scenery and good route for trekking. It also becomes the best place to enjoy relaxation during holidays. The most impressive feature of Persaudaraan Hill is none other than the stunning landscape. The scenery looks amazing up there, without a doubt. Once reaching the top of the hill, tourists may see the views of local farms and hills. Trekking to the top of Persaudaraan Mau-Mau Hill is one thing, but sightseeing becomes another great thing to do once arriving at the top of the hill. The vast local farms and other nearby hills can be seen clearly up there. Plus, the breezy wind makes it more comfortable to enjoy sightseeing.

After enjoy persaudaraan hill, we are going to Wairinding hill. Wairinding hill is a huge hill which covered up by green grass. The All of you can see only the Savana and blue of sky. This point is the most visits for those who love photography. If you lucky, you can enjoy the sunset between the hill.

Day 2  : Visit Tenau Hill (Sunrise)- Waimarang Waterfall-Rende Village-Watu Paranu Beach

This is the smaller version of Wairinding. Access to the location of this hill is actually not difficult. Tenau Hill is well-known with the sunrise view. All-in-all the view is tremendously beautiful during sunrise. Sunrise in Sumba is a bit earlier. So,we might arrange the schedule to arrive at Tenau Hill by 05:15AM (local time).

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After visiting Tenau Hill we are going to Waimarang. This waterfall has a natural pool of blue or tosca. And rock cliffs surround the pool of waterfalls so that the pool is as confined and protected the rocks of the rocks. Not only that, from this cliff top tourists can also do cliff jumping. However, you must be careful. Because there are some parts of the cliff that is rather slippery and could endanger your safety. Trees grow around this waterfall. This makes the atmosphere in this place more shady and cool.

To close the day, we will explore Watu Paranu Beach. At a glance, this beach looks just like any other normal beach. But, on the right side behind the hill, there is an array of amazing tall white cliffs.there are two ways of enjoying the cliffs of Watuparunu. One can trek for half an hour from the top to reach the spot where you can see the cliffs, and ocean waves crashing unto the cliffsides – especially during high tide. Or one can come down the cliffs and walk at the bottom of the cliff during low tide.

Day 3  : Visit Walakiri beach (sunrise)-Kampung Raja Pailiu-Drop Airport

 On the last day, we will enjoy the beautiful iconic Walakiri Beach. The uniqueness of this beach is the dancing trees that growth on the beach. This beach is favorite spot for photographer or people who loves photo shoot. The white silky sand and the calm ocean make them as a muse of beauty. No wonder, spending time to enjoy the sunset is best moment to make. After that we back to hotel for having breakfast and prepare check out.

 At 9 am we check out from our hotel, then we are going to explore Kampung Raja Prailiu. Kampung Raja Prailiu is a royal capital of kambera lewa located east of Waingapu city. The authenticity of this traditional kampung exotic doesn’t leave its tradition. You can learn philosophy of building Traditional houses that the villagers called Uma Mbatang / Uma Hori, the history of megalithic graves called Reti and statues (penji) as well as some archaeological objects are still beautifully preserved.

In Kampung Raja Prailiu you will find out many people do weaving scarves, Hand-woven Fabric, sarong and traditional mat. So you can buy them as souvenir from Sumba. After get enough explore this village, we will drop you at airport. End of service.

East Sumba Travel Package, Sumba tour 3D2N

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  • Duration: 3 days & 2 nights

  • Pick Up Service
  • Visit Persaudaraan hill
  • Visit Wairinding Hill
  • Visit Tenau Hill (Sunrise)
  • Visit Waimarang Waterfall
  • Visit Rende Village
  • Visit Watu Paranu Beach
  • Visit Walakiri beach (sunrise)
  • Visit Kampung Raja Pailiu
  • Drop Airport

Price List

What's included

  • Private car during the tours
  • English Speaking Guide
  • All Entrance Ticket based on program
  • 2 Night Hotel in East Sumba
  • Mineral Water

What's Excluded

  • Flight Ticket
  • Travel Insurance
  • Other Personal Expenses (Meals, Tipping, Bar, Laundry, Telephone, etc)