Tour Description

Sumba Photography Tour, Sumba Island Tour is a suitable Sumba tour package for photography-addict travellers to get their best shots of East Nusa Tenggara. Sumba destination has many beautiful photography spots to join a photo-hunting with us, Go Adventure Id.

Our Sumba tour guide will pick you up at Tambolaka airport. Tambolaka airport Sumba is a 1945 Japanese heritage airport. Sumba Photography Tour will drive you to a village having megalith tombs of the Stone Age about 4500 years ago. The village is called Ratenggaro village.

Ratenggaro Sumba is a traditional village having unique houses with its towering roof made of straw. Uma Kelada, Ratenggaro’s traditional house, is a four-story house which its height depending upon the social status of the owner. The exoticism of Rarenggaro’s traditional house can be an interesting background for your beautiful shots.

Not only unique traditional houses in Sumba Island Indonesia. Travellers can also visit Bwanna beach, a beautiful beach where you can find a rock with a big hollow where you can pass under. The holey rock of Bwanna beach Sumba, which is the typicality of Southwest Sumba, might become a different angle for your natural scenery photos. Aside of its unique rock, Bwanna beach is also known as one of the Sumba Island surf spots.

On the second day, Sumba Photography Tour will guide you to Weekuri lagoon. Weekuri lagoon Sumba will soon cover up your camera lens with a view of glasslike lagoon. Next to Weekuri lagoon, Mandorak beach Sumba is also another great alternative to capture the exoticism of rocks.

The next Sumba destination is Lapopu waterfall. About 90 meters tall, Lapopu is the highest waterfall of East Nusa Tenggara. Lapopu waterfall is located inside Menupeu Tanah Daru and Laiwangi Wanggameti (Manalawa) National Park, Sumba Island.

Leaving off the freshness of lagoon, beaches and waterfall, the next interesting destination is a hill with a sunset background. Warinding hill Sumba serves you a landscape of savannah with exotic East Indonesia’s hills.

Sumba Photography Tour - weekuri lagon

On the third day, along with Go Adventure Id, our Sumba tour guide will accompany you to Tanggedu waterfall. Tanggedu waterfall Sumba is one of the interesting photo spots for it is commonly known as the “Grand Canyon” of East Sumba.

After visiting Tanggedu waterfall, the next must-see destination is Puru Kambera savannah. Puru Kambera Sumba is a prairie that will make you feel like in Africa’s grasslands. Puru Kambera savana is commonly known as a place to hunt Sumba’s horses that roaming around the savannah.

To get amazing photos, never miss this one beach, Walakiri. Walakiri beach Sumba serves you a beautiful sunset. It just becomes more exotic with its dwarf mangroves away to the sea.

Photo hunting of the day 4 is carried out in Waimarang waterfall Sumba. Waimarang waterfall is another must see destination for it is located deep in the Sumba’s forest. It is surrounded by turquoise pond and marvelous cliff.

But Sumba island is not just beautified by its natural landscapes, but also its culture. Like what you will see in Kalu Tenun Village. Kalu Tenun Village is a village producing the Sumba’s genuine woven fabric. Late in the afternoon, we will move to Tenau hill where its nature will give you a relax.

At the last day of traveling to Sumba, Go Adventure Id will guide you to hike to Tanarara hill. Tanarara hill has a unique trail for it is as if splitting its surrounding hills. From this point, you can also hunt some photos while enjoying the warmth of the sunrise before going back to Waingapu to end the tour.

Sumba Photography Tour, Sumba Island Tour – GoAdventureId

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  • Duration: 5 days & 4 nights

  • Pick up service at Tambolaka airport
  • Ratenggaro village
  • Bwanna beach
  • Check in Hotel
  • Check out from Hotel
  • Weekuri lagoon
  • Mandorak beach
  • Lapopu waterfall
  • Sunset Wairinding hill
  • Tenggedu Waterfall
  • Purukambera Savanna
  • Sunset Walakiri Beach
  • Sunrise Tenau Hill
  • Kalu Teun Village
  • Waimarang Waterfall
  • Sunrise Tanarara Hill
  • Drop to Umbu Mehang Kumba Airport

Price List

What's included

  • Private land transport with air conditioner.
  • 4 Night accommodation
  • Tours and visit with English Speaking Guide
  • Meals as per the program itinerary
  • All Entrance fees and donations
  • Mineral Water

What's Excluded

  • Flight tickets
  • Travel insurance
  • Soft drink, juice and alcohol
  • Personal expenses such as; tip to guide and/ or driver, laundry, telephone calls, alcoholic beverages