Tour Description

Day 1   : Pick Up Service-Ratenggaro Village – Bawana Beach

Sumba Tour 3D2N from Southwest Sumba to East Sumba – Pick up service at Tambolaka airport, the we go to Ratenggaro willage, approximately will take abot 1 hours driver. Ratenggaro Village is a place which located nearby beach. This village is the one of village whose full characteristic.  The location is In Kodi Bangedo Sub – district. This Village is nearby beach, we can enjoy the village attraction and the beach in one package. The site offers a unique local settlement with its culture and historical object.

Sumba Tour 3D2N from Southwest Sumba to East Sumba
Sumba Tour 3D2N from Southwest Sumba to East Sumba

Aside from History, we also can learn Not only these structures are unique, but they also offer an interesting design with 4 levels. The first level is meant for pet or animals while the second level is for the residents. The third level is meant for crops storage and the fourth one is used as a place for cooking or a kitchen. Also, on the fourth level, the owners of the house use it to store sacred objects including buffalo horn as the symbol of prosperity.

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Then, we are continuing to go Bawana Beach, Bawana beach is placed below giant rock and cliff that faced on ocean. So, we should be careful to go down heading to the beach because the way is quite rocky. Even the trekking is tiring, but the view will pay your effort fully. Bawana Beach is home to one of the island’s most recognizable icons, the batu bolong, a rock wall with a giant hole that sits on a pristine stretch of sand. Enjoy the sunset here is the best way to say good bye beautifully to the sun.

Bawana Beach
Bawana Beach

Day 2   : Visit Mandorak Beach – Weekuri Lagoon – Praijing Village – Lapopu Waterfall

On second day, we are going to explore Mandorak Beach, Mandorak Beach becomes another signature tourist site in Southwest Sumba Regency in Indonesia. Another impressive feature is that the beach features weak waves, which is suitable for swimming and snorkeling. Even the clarity of the water is quite astonishing!

After enjoying the Beach, we are going to Weekuri Lagoon. Weekuri Lagoon is the Blue – Turquoise nature Swimming Pool, It’s has white sand that additional value of beauty Sumba Land. The Lagoon is surrounded by rock that makes this place such private place. We are allowed to swim and enjoy the salty water. The water is come from ocean from the hole of rocky.

After swimming in Weekuri Lagoon we are heading to Praijing Village that located around ……… minutes by car from Weekuri Lagoon. In Praijing Village we are going to discover the cultures and histories of it. This village is the most visits when you holiday in Sumba.

When we arrived in the village, we will see 38 traditional houses with the tower on the top directly. The locals call these houses either Uma Mbatangu or Uma Bokulu which means ‘The Big House’. The good things is that we can do many things related to these house, including photography and exploration/. We are allowed to take pictures of the houses and get in them as long as we get the consent of the owner.

Then, to close the day, we will enjoy the Lapopu Waterfall, the highest waterfall in Sumba land. The height of waterfall is approximately 90 meters. Lapopu Waterfall is situated within MaTaLaWa (Manupeu Tanah Daru and Laiwangi Wanggameti National Park) .The impressive feature is the presence of peaceful and refreshing natural pond located right below it. We are allowed to swim in it , there are stones where the tourists can use for sitting and resting during the exploration.

Day 3   : Visit Walakiri Beach (Sunrise) – Tenau Hill – Persaudaraan Hill

On the last days, we wake up early to drive to Walakiri Beach. It need around 20 from the hotel. The best way to enjoy the sunrise up is in Walakiri beach, where the tone color of the sky very beautiful as a background of dancing trees. There are some trees are grown up between the beach. That point that have nice view for photography.

After enjoying the view, around 7 am we are heading to Tenau Hill.. This is the smaller version of Wairinding. Access to the location of this hill is actually not difficult. Tenau Hill is well-known with the sunrise view. But, enjoying it on another time not too bad anyway. The blue sky and green grass still mesmerizing our eyes.  After that we back to hotel for having breakfast and prepare check out.

At 10 am we check out from hotel and if we still have time we bring you to visit Persaudaraan Hill, The most impressive feature of Persaudaraan Hill is none other than the stunning landscape. The scenery looks amazing up there, without a doubt. Once reaching the top of the hill, tourists may see the views of local farms and hills. Even Waingapu City can be seen clearly from that spot, not to famous tourists can see soothing green savanna and majestic Kambaniru River from where we stand.

Sumba Tour 3D2N from Southwest Sumba to East Sumba

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  • Duration: 3 days & 2 nights

  • Pick Up Service
  • Visit Ratenggaro Village
  • Visit Bawana Beach
  • Visit Tanjung Mareha (Sunset)
  • Visit Mandorak Beach
  • Visit Weekuri Lagoon
  • Visit Praijing Village
  • Visit Lapopu Waterfall
  • Visit Walakiri Beach (Sunrise)
  • Visit Tenau Hill
  • Visit Persaudaraan Hill

Price List

What's included

  • Private car during the tours
  • English Speaking Guide
  • All Entrance Ticket based on program
  • 1 Night Hotel in Southwest Sumba and 1 Night in East Sumba
  • Mineral Water

What's Excluded

  • Flight Ticket
  • Travel Insurance
  • Other Personal Expenses (Meals, Tipping, Bar, Laundry, Telephone, etc)