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Yogyakarta 5 Days 4 Night

Day 1: Pick Up Service – Tamansari water castle – Sultan Palace – Malioboro Street (Optional: sunset Candi Ijo)

Pick up service at Yogyakarta airport. From the airport we  are directly drive to Tamansari water castle. Tamansari water castle is the site of a former royal garden of theSultan Yogyakarta.Built in the mid-18th century, the Taman Sari had multiple functions, such as a resting area, a workshop, a meditation area, a defense area, and a hiding place.

After explore Tamansari watercastle we have lunch break then if we have enough time we will visit Sultan Palace of Yogyakarta. It is the official seat of the reigning Sultan and his family. It also serves as a center of Javanese culture, and contains a museum displaying artefacts of princely provenance. After that we check in Hotel, free and easy.

At night we will take walk at  malioboro street, it is a 24-hour shopping street that has local street food, street performers, and horse-drawn carts.

Optional: in the afternoon aroud 5 pm we go to Candi Ijo (Ijo temple) for sunset, Ijo Temple was built in around the ninth century on a hill named the Green Hill of which height is 410 meters above the sea level. Because of this height, we can enjoy not only the temple but also natural view below such as terraces of agriculture land with its steep slope. Even though this is not a fertile area, natural view around the temple is so beautiful to enjoy.

Day 2: Sunrise Mangunan Fruite Garden – Pine Forest – Merapi Lava Tour – Prambanan Temple

Early morning at 4 am we departing from hotel to Mangunan fruit garden, will take about 1 hours. When arrive at the parking we continue walking to the view point, will take about 10 minutes. From the view point we wait for sunrise and if we are lucky we will see the fogs below us. After sunrise we will continue to visit Pengger pine forest and jurang tembelan. After that we back to Hotel for breakfast.

After breakfast we are heading to Kaliadem village. Arrive in Kaliadem village we take 4 WD jeep for Merapi lava tour, In merapi lava tour we will see the several village that were affected by Merapi eruption at 2010. You will also get to see authentic and real village life, where people carry their loads on their back while at work. Experience a variety of tropical plants and fruits, birds, giant spider, unique vegetables and beautiful landscape in the cool mountain air.

After lava tour we continue to Yogyakarta, upon arrive in Yogyakarta we visit Prambanan temple. Prambanan is the Hindu counterpart of Borobudur built by the 10th century Mataram Kingdom, a mighty empire covering a large part of Indonesia.

The remains of a complex of a dozen candis spread over the Prambanan Plain still exist but the focus of restoration has been on the central complex originally fortified by a series of walled enclosures containing 232 temples. After visited Prambanan temple, we back to our hotel and free program.

Day 3: Jomblang Cave – Kali Suci (Tubing cave)

Depart at 7 AM from hotel, we will drive to southeast Yogyakarta where is the located of Jomblang cave, will take about 2 hours. When we arrived, we prepare to descend the hole, installing an equipment to your body. Our cave instructor will help you. If all ready then we Descend the Jomblang hole with human belay system, an easy system for beginner (training is not necessary). Cave instructor will dropping you down slowly to the base of the hole, 40 meters vertically, with a rope attached to your body. Then continue dry trekking into the other hole, Grubug cave. Light is necessary here. Nearly to Grubug hole, you will hear the rustling of underground river. Eventually the light was beginning to look and finally, the ray of light is coming down from the hole above us. We have arrived at Grubug hole, 80 meters above us. 20 meters below us is the underground river. The first sight is a thousand light falling on the flowstone (cave ornament), the ray of light. Nice moment for photograph. But remember, don’t stand on this rock. Thousands of years to create this stone from water. Naturally. After we shoot picture here, then we back to the base of Jomblang hole, prepare to ascending up the hole. You will ascend the hole with hauling system (an easy system for beginner). Instructor will hauling you toward the top with a rope attached on your body. This adventure will finish aroun 12 pm.

After that we have lunch break, after lunch we continue to Kalisuci cave tubing. In Kalisuci you will get another experience on our trip. Ride on a floating tube along with the rushing white water that cuts across the karst hills, enter a dark cave passing magnificent stalactites and stalagmites, be amazed by the wonders of nature found deep inside the earth, be carried by the current into a surreal world far, far away from the daily humdrum. After that we back to hotel and free program.

Day 4: Borobudur Sunrise – Chicken Church – Kalibiru

Early morning around 3 AM, we will take you to explore the Borobudur Temple and see the sunrise from the top of the temple. Marvel at the magical light cast over this UNESCO World Heritage Site. After sunrise Borobudur we take our breakfast then continue our trip to Chicken church. After visit chicken church we back to our Hotel in Yogyakarta area, approximately take 1,5 hours. Upon arrive at hotel take shower.

After shower we continue our trip to Kalibiru, will take 1-2 hour’s drive westward from the city and you will immediately notice the decrease in temperature and vanishing buzz of motorcycles. So here, it’s all fresh, cool air and quiet roads – very much best for a retreat from work. Past the hairpin turns and up the Menoreh mountain range lies Kalibiru National Park, which is built and run by the local residents since 2009, and is gaining a lot of attention from travellers everywhere.

Unlike most parks that offer the regular outbound activities, the rock climbing and tightrope walking at the Kalibiru National Park is fully scaled and comes with an amazing view from the top of a mountain.To finish it off, the flying fox ends at a deck on top of a tree with a view overlooking Lake Sermo, and if you are lucky enough, you might just see the white waves of the south seas crashing on sandy beaches.

After explore Kalibiru National Park area, we back to our hotel in Yogyakarta.

Day 5: Sunrise Plaosan Temple – Yogyakarta Airport.

At 4.30 at we start from our hotel to Bugisan village, located of Plaosan temple. Will take about 20 minutes. Upon arrive at Bugisan village we will take a walk to the spot for take good photo for sunrise with Plaosan temple as a background. After sunrise see the sunrise here, we back to our hotel.

Depend on your flight schedule, we will drop you at Yogyakarta airport. Finish program.

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  • Duration: 5 days & 4 nights

  • Pick Up Service
  • Visit Tamansari water castle
  • Visit Sultan Palace
  • Visit Malioboro Street
  • Optional: sunset Candi Ijo)
  • Sunrise Mangunan Fruite Garden
  • Visit Pine Forest
  • Merapi Lava tour
  • Visit Prambanan Temple
  • Visit Jomblang cave
  • Visit Kali Suci (Tubing cave)
  • Sunrise Borobudur Temple
  • Visit chicken cruch
  • Explore Kalibiru area
  • Visit Plaosan temple (sunrise)
  • Yogyakarta Airport

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