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Weather Mount Bromo In March – MOUNT BROMO is destination that never failed enchanting people. Mount Bromo offers a majestic mountain view and combination of natures. Mount Bromo in March 2020 is classified Rain Season. Indonesia has Rain season along November till May, then in March usually rain season. Some...

Yogyakarta Culture

Yogyakarta Culture – As one the biggest city, Yogyakarta has its own personality. Yogyakarta civilization has different rule of life, they take a big honor to every single things about their heritage rule. No wonder, if Yogyakarta is magnificent place to visit. Because, we not only take vacation but also...

Mount Bromo Eruption 2019

Mount Bromo Eruption  – Mount Bromo in East Java erupted on 19 February 2019, emitting a 600-meter-high ash column into the air, the Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation Center (PVMBG) reported. The PVMBG said the eruption occurred at around 6 a.m., causing tremors with an amplitude of 0.5 to 1 millimeters. The...