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Mount Raung Volcano Tour 6 Days 5 Nights – Mount Raung Indonesia is one of Java Island’s volcanoes. Mount Raung Java stands on three regions at once, namely Jember, Banyuwangi, and Bondowoso, the three of them are located in East Java. Mount Raung has the biggest dry caldera of Java island and the second biggest in Indonesia.

Mount Raung Volcano is 3344 masl, making it the second highest volcano in Java island. The beauty of Mount Raung Java attracts climbers from any regions and countries. But, climbers are supposed to be well-prepared before starting to climb Mount Raung Volcano.

The hiking trail of Mount Raung Volcano is not the easy one, considering its challenging trails to get through. Hiking Mount Raung needs good skills such as in rigging, water management, and climbing techniques. However, these skills can be overcome in Mount Raung tour.

Mount Raung tour manages the climber journey to be easier and more efficient. Such as trekking equipments supply, climbing license, meals provision for 3 days, and providing experienced guide and porters. The trekking to Mount Raung takes about 6 days.

The trekking to Mount Raung via Kalibaru has 9 camps to get through, each camp takes around 1 hour. The trip from the first camp to the second takes about 20 minutes by motor taxi. The trekking from the second camp to the third is about 1,2 kilometers, taking around 1 hour. The first day of hiking to Mount Raung is supposed to end in the fourth camp to build the tent.

The second day of hiking to Mount Raung is started at dawn in the morning, heading to the ninth camp. The slope of the trekking terrain is about 50° to 80°. Leaving off the ninth camp, the surrounding terrain moves from trees vegetation to sand and rocks. Mount Raung Volcano has four peaks, they are called Bendera (the Flag), puncak 17 (the Seventeen), puncak Tusuk Gigi (the Toothpick), and puncak Sejati (the True).

Eventhough the terrain constitutes the steep and hard one, the trekking to Mount Raung Java’s peaks will be surrounded with spectacular black dry caldera with a beautiful view of sunrise. The trekking from these four peaks via Kalibaru to puncak Sejati commonly takes around 5 hours. On this highest peak of Mount Raung, climbers will enjoy the lunch that have been prepared by the crews on the Mount Raung Volcano. At noon, the trekking back to the seventh camp takes around 5 hours, where we will build the tent.

In the last day of Mount Raung trip via Kalibaru, the climbers climb down from the seventh camp to the basecamp in Desa Wonorejo. The climbing down takes about 7 hours. Mount Raung has several forests which each of them has their own characteristics. They are Dipterokarp Bukit forest, Dipterokarp Atas forest, Montane forest and Ericartus forest to mention some.

Spending the sixth day in the city of the east-end of East Java for relax. Depend on your flight schedule we will drop you at Airport. Finish program

Mount Raung Volcano Tour 6 Days 5 Nights

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  • Duration: 6 days & 5 nights

  • Pick up service at Juanda airport – Surabaya or Blimbingsari Airport – Banyuwangi
  • Lunch en route to Kalibaru
  • Dinner and stay in a hotel in Kalibaru
  • Depart from hotel at 07.00 (after breakfast) to Kalibaru basecamp
  • Short briefing, before trekking
  • Start by using motorbike taxi from post 1 to the starting point (Post 2) of the trekking (4.62 km, will take 20 minutes by motornike taxi)
  • Post 2, break and having lunch here
  • Continue trekking to post 3 (1,2 km, approximately take 1,5 hours)
  • Post 3, break about 30 minutes
  • Continue trekking to post 4 (1,5 km, approximately will take 1 hour)
  • Post 4, we will stay over night here (preparing the tent, dinner and rest)
  • 05.30 Morning call, preparing for trekking and breakfast
  • Depart at 8 am from post 4, continue trekking to post 5 (0,75 km, 30’ – 60’. Normally will take about 1 hour)
  • Post 5, continue trekking to post 6 (0,4 km, 50’ – 60’. Normally will take 2 hours)
  • Post 6, continue trekking to post 7 (1 km, 30’ – 60’)
  • Arrivet post 7 aroun 4.30 pm (set the tent, have lunch and dinner)
  • Before rest we will have short briefing for summit attack.
  • Wake up call at 2 am. Prepare for summit attack
  • Depart at 3 am in the morning we are trekking to post 8 (1 km, 50’ – 80’. Normally will take 1 hour trekking)
  • From post 8 continue to post 9 (1 km, 50’ – 80’. Will take 1 hour)
  • Post 9, continue to Bendera summit (15 minutes trekking)
  • Bendera peak, enjoy the sunrise view from here.
  • At 6 am Continue to Sejati peak, will crossing the sirothol path, 17th peak and the tooth pick peak (will take about 4 hours)
  • Sejati peak (The highest peak), take best moment and enjoy our lunch here
  • Around 11.30 am we continue go down to post 7 (will take 5 hours)
  • Post 7, dinner and rest
  • Wake up call at 5 am. Enjoy the panorama around post 7 and having breakfast
  • repacking and please bring all your wastes / trashes back down
  • Depart at 8 am, Go down fropost 7 to post 1 (will take about 7 hours)
  • Post 1, continue to basecamp (Wonorejo village)
  • Basecamp, continue to our hotel.
  • Check in Hotel and rest
  • Free program in the morning
  • Depend on your flight schedule, we will drop you at Banyuwangi airport

Price List

What's included

  • Private transport during the tour (Driver, fuel, parking fee)
  • Trekking equipment (tent, mattress, helmet)
  • Porter Logistic (1 porter for 1-4 pax)
  • Additional charge for extra porter is IDR. 350.000/day
  • Motorbike taxi
  • Meals based on program
  • Mineral water

What's Excluded

  • Travel insurance
  • All personal expanse (Tip, bar, laundry)