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Sumba Travel Package 3D2N, West Sumba Tour 3D2N

DAY 1 : Praijing Village – Lapopu Waterfall – Hotel

When you get away to Sumba,so many traditional village attractions to visit. The one of them is Praijing Village, Its location is in Waikububak Sub – Distric, West Sumba Regency of East Nusa Tenggara province. Praijing Village is a traditional village whose uniqueness of culture and various historical object. This place is where you can learn culture, witness various unique objects, get closer to villagers and explore village to their heart’s content. When you arrive at the sites, you will see around 38 traditional local houses named Uma Mbatangu or Uma Bokulu which means The Big House. Even, there are 42 of them, but some of them got burnt some years ago. The site also surrounded by shady trees and lush bushes which make the site feel shady and cozy. We recommend you to come in that place is in the morning, you will find the locals people start their activities, so you can feel how becomes villagers and know how traditional way of living directly.

Not too far from Praijing Village, we will go to Wanoka District to Explore Pristine Waterfall named Lapopu. This waterfall is the highest waterfall in East Nusa Tenggara. The height is 90 meters with boast a unique stair shape. Lapopu Waterfall is part of Manupeu Tanah Daru National (MATALAWA) Park so we should pay for entrance ticket before exploring the site. In the entrance, there is a guard post where tourist can find facilities like toilets and a place to change clothes. From the site, it takes a short trekking for about 500 meters to get to waterfall area. Tourist get the real fun once they are arrived the site, the beauty Lapopu is indeed astonishing. We can Swim and enjoy the fresh water and air.

After that we continue to our hotel.

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DAY 2 : Waigali Village – Marosi Beach – Hotel

On second day we are going to enjoy traditional culture in Waigali Village. This Village is located in Lamboya and Wanokaka District. Its location is around 70km from waikabubak. Waigali Is a village where you can see praigolil exhibit monumental megalith headstones which have become symbol of the area, and indeed Sumba. Waigali is famous with Pasola, the attraction of horse riders ——–

From Waigali we are heading to Marosi Beach, The location is in Patiala Bawa Village and it belongs to Lamboya Sub-District. Marosi beach has beauty view of white sand and blue sea, it been ever seen in many beach but the special thing here is the breezy wind provides a comfy ambiance to everyone, so it would feel comfortable regardless the time of visit. The next feature is the presence of trees that grow in the back, providing a shady area for tourist to relax.

We can explore it beauty by capturing picture and moment as well. After that, we are going back to Hotel.

DAY 3  : Visit Waitabar Village or Tarung Village – Airport

In the last day we are going to explore Waitabar Village which located in west Sumba, it is not too far from Waikabubak district, it will take less than 30 minutes. It is placed besides of Tarung Village. When we arrived there, we will be welcomed by local people. They will give us sirih and pinang on the mat. And as a guest we can try these to eat.

The uniqueness of this village is there is cemetery called Batu Kubur in their yard. That is a sign they love their family so much. The shape of Waitabar house seems like Joglo House in Solo, but they have a tower on the roof made by thatch. On the top of tower there are couple woods as a symbol Father and mother. On the rooftop there is sacred stuff that untouched by other people, and below is placed a kitchen for mother.

 There some sacred places we can’t touch, so the guide will show us them. We only can take path surrounding the local people and learn the philosophy of it. We can talk with local people as a friend, they are very friendly and welcome to other people. After that we will drop you at Tamboka airport or Hotel. End of service.

Sumba Travel Package 3D2N, West Sumba Tour 3D2N

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  • Duration: 3 days & 2 nights

  • Pick Up Service
  • Visit Praijing Village
  • Visit Lapopu Waterfall
  • Check in Hotel
  • Visit Waigali Village
  • Visit Marosi Beach
  • Visit Watu Bela Beach Sunset
  • Visit Waitabar Village or Tarung Village
  • Drop Airport

Price List

What's included

  • Private car during the tours
  • English Speaking Guide
  • All Entrance Ticket based on program
  • 2 Night Hotel in West Sumba
  • Mineral Water

What's Excluded

  • Flight Ticket
  • Travel Insurance
  • Other Personal Expenses (Meals, Tipping, Bar, Laundry, Telephone, etc)