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03 March 2020 / By GoAdventureID

Weather Mount Bromo In March – MOUNT BROMO is destination that never failed enchanting people. Mount Bromo offers a majestic mountain view and combination of natures. Mount Bromo in March 2020 is classified Rain Season. Indonesia has Rain season along November till May, then in March usually rain season.

Some people feel doubt to visit Mount Bromo in rain season, some people avoid to come in these months because they worry can’t be able to see the perfect sunrise. They worry about the road getting slippery and the rain will water them a long the day. But Actually, in rainy day Mount Bromo has amazing view compared with dry season.

Mount Bromo in March, usually has more sunny day than rainy day, so you don’t need to worry about the weather. In this month the weather going to be friendly.

The good news if you have a plan to visit Mount Bromo in March is there will be not too much dust in sea of sand heading to the crater. You can climb the mount easily, no need to worry about dust from the horses’ path. Usually, it is happened in dry season, so many dusts that will disturb your eyes and breathe on way to the top.

The temper in rainy day is getting higher than in dry season, so it’s a good for you to enjoy the moment waiting for sunrise without shivering. Even though the sky is often cloudy in rain season, but the colour of the sky has beautiful gradient, you don’t need to see the sun when you can catch the beautiful colour of the sky.

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In the March, the savannah looks so adorable because the colour is so green. Wherever you go, you will catch the green hill and savannah that will spoil your eyes. You will love the view more.


When you go to Bromo to see the sunrise in the morning in Penanjakan hills or Kingkong Hills, because the location is higher than the hotel (wherever you stay) the temperature is cooler (Around 17-10-degree Celsius). You are required to bring proper equipment such wearing a cotton shirt and thick sweater, hiking pants and warm jacket. Wear a proper trekking shoes to climb up the crater. You also need to prepare a couple gloves and mask to safe you from the dust.


There are many direct Flight from Singapore to Juanda Airport, Surabaya. From Airport you can rent a car with driver who able to speak English then continue to Mount Bromo. It will need 3 hours to go. You can stay in hotel or homestay around Cemoro Lawang Area. Then, you need to rent a jeep to bring you heading to Mount Bromo is start at 03.00 am. You can also call us to go to Mount Bromo.

Weather Mount Bromo In March, Mount Bromo Weather Forecast

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