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What to wear and pack for Mount Bromo, Must Read !

08 September 2019 / By GoAdventureID

What to wear in Bromo, What to pack for Bromo – Mount Bromo is very beautiful and have many attractions. If you are thinking of booking Bromo Tour Package ? Well, here are a couple of things that you need to prepare before you go to Mt. Bromo.

Here is what you need to wear and pack for Mount Bromo :

  • Sneakers or lightweight boots for just taking a jeep to the viewpoint, you only need to walk about 15 minutes or so, not intensive, so I only recommend boots for warmth, but they take up a lot of room in a suitcase so only bring them if you plan to wear them elsewhere on your trip.
  • Thick, high socks for warmth.
  • Heavy sweatpants or workout pants.
  • Thermals or leggings for under your pants. I wore fleece lined workout pants and could have use a layer over them it was that cold!
  • Layered tops: fitted base layer such as a tight thermal, sweatshirt, windbreaker jacket or shell type jacket on top if you will be traveling Indonesia for a while & don’t want to worry about having a large jacket.
  • Thick scarf you can wrap around your head and face for warmth during sunrise & to protect from the flying sand at Sea of Sand.
  • Thick winter hat.
  • Fleece lined gloves or mittens.
  • Lightweight backpack, sling bag or drawstring bag with: water, hand warmer, sarong or towel in case you need another layer wrapped around you, snack or protein bar ( its along morning ), hand & body wipes, sunscreen once the sun comes out and you go to cross the Sea of Sand, you really need it ), chap stick (to protect from all the cold, hot, & windy elements ).
  • Head lamp helpful for walking in the dark, but not necessary for this trek per se.
  • Camera & spare battery ( you will want to take a thousand of photos & videos of this beauty!! ) – if you will be using your iPhone or smart phone for photos & video.
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What to wear in Bromo, What to pack for Bromo

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