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Yogyakarta Culture

06 May 2019 / By GoAdventureID

Yogyakarta Culture – As one the biggest city, Yogyakarta has its own personality. Yogyakarta civilization has different rule of life, they take a big honor to every single things about their heritage rule. No wonder, if Yogyakarta is magnificent place to visit. Because, we not only take vacation but also feed our soul.

Yogyakarta is where traditional and modern cultures life together. As the former capital and the center of several kingdoms in the past, this region and its people are very rich in a variety of culture, traditions and art. Many things can explore when you visited Yogyakarta, From the landscape, arts, cultures, traditions, architecture, the building, sculpture, traditional cultural events, traditional folks, performing arts, and culinary.

Some place which should you visits when you come to Yogyakarta is below:

1. The Hindu-Buddhist temple
The most famous site of Yogyakarta is Borobudur temple and Prambanan Temple. When you came to Yogyakarta you should visit at least one of them. They are the icon of Hindu-Buddhist existence and cultures. Even, the major people here are officially Muslim today.

Borobudur is located in Magelang Regency, heartland Java. It’s about 40 km of Yogyakarta. The best time to come here is in the crack of dawn. That’s around 03.30 am. It a good time to capture sunrise between the sculpture and golden rays were shining on you.

Borobudur Tour

Borobudur Tour

There is a local guide who will explain to you about all of things about Borobudur with speak English fluently, from the History and the Story.

2. The Royal Palace, Keraton.
Keraton or Yogyakarta Hadiningrat Palace is heart of culture and description of Traditional life. The Royal Palace is marks the focal point the sultan’s entire territory. In the map we can see if Keraton is in the line with mount Merapi, The Yogyakarta Monumen and the mystical south sea.

Keraton is where The Royal kingdom Family Life. They still stay in Keraton. Even, this place is also opened for tourists. It is nice place to explore how the Javanese people daily life, how they speak with same people and different people, how they act as a traditional Javanese in the Royal palace. You will meet with Abdi Dalem, the loyal servant and caretaker to the kingdom with their meticulously regulated manners and attire.

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In Keraton also we can explore the building. The architectures are different with common building in Java. Every single pattern of building has own meaning and philosophy. In this palace usually held sacred ceremony a long year. We can check the schedule of them in internet or further info you can visit www.goadventureid.com  website.

3. The performing Arts
In Yogyakarta we can find a lot of Performing arts. As students’ art city, Yogyakarta has thousand artists. Every year will be held students art Perform as their last task. In the Keraton usually held performing arts also to welcome tourist in weekend. And the biggest performing Arts every year are Ramayana Ballet Show. The Ballet tells the story of how Hindu God Rama rescues his wife Sita from the clutches of Rahwana ad Demon king who kidnaps her and takes her to Lanka. It will be staged around May till October in Prambanan Temple. It is done by more than hundred dancers, musicians, make-up artists and lighting technicians. Ramayana Ballet is one of performance which must to visit. For further info about date and ticket you can cek www.goadventureid.com website.

Another Performing Arts is Java Art Puppet or Wayang. Wayang is a cultural creation of central Java society which in story has a philosophy of life of Javanese society such as stories of heroism, previous kings or Javanese mythology. It is always led by Dalang who understand the plot in the puppet.

Simillar with Wayang, it is also nice to watch. The name is Ketoprak. It perform did not use puppet but people. The people play their character and plot. But, also there is Dalang behind. Usually it takes theme comedy or social lufe, the goal is to make audience are laughed.

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4. The Traditions
Yogyakarta is rich with Traditions. Every year will be done more than twenty traditional events. Some of them to thankful for the God over their properity. Another some they did for their ancestor.

– Heirloom Ceremony is held every Tuesday or Friday Kliwon in Sura Java. They wash Keris or Kris by using water and flower ‘Kembang Telon’ . They treated Keris very smooth and sacred .They Believe if they drink the water after washing Keris will avoid from calamity or distress, preventing disease and given youthful radiance.

– Sekaten Ceremony, Javanese tradition event celebrating the birthday of Prophet Muhammad SAW (the Muslim’s prophet). The people assume that if they participate in this commemoration then they will get rewarded in the longevity of life from the God Al Mighty.

– Grebeg Maulud Ceremony, The culmination of the birth ceremony of the Prophet Muhammad SAW on 12 Maulud months (In Islamic calendar).

– Cupu Panjalo Ceremony, Cupu Panjolo has three items, found in the sea by Kyai Panjolo who was fishing in the sea; they are believed to be able to give symbols and prediction about the future of the village. And still more, for further info you can check www.goadventureid.com

5. The heritage stuff
From the kingdom royal life, they keep their heritage stuff very carefully. They safe them in the special place, Keraton or Museum. Even, much common people who safe the heritage stuff too, they got them from their ancestor.

KERIS is Famous as Indonesian weapon. Because of, we can see from the history if Indonesia has many kingdoms and their Weapon for war is Keris. Keris is very honored and respected because the people believe the ancestor life within. Even, Keris is produced until today, but the function is not for war but only for home décor. We can visit the museum or Keraton to look out the sacred Keris from long time ago.

Wayang also on off heritage stuff. The people created it to entertain the king and people. The Kingdom very fond this. We can find Wayang in the local market, wayang is still produced till today.

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Batik Jogja is the famous Batik in Indonesia, it is made by using canting and candle. The people draw it slowly and carefully to make a good pattern. Batik is rich with pattern and color. Major people especially woman who made Batik by Drawing. Nowdays, Batik has a lot variety from the cheapest, the most expensive and the most exclusive, we can find out of them in every corner Yogyakarta.

6. The culinary
Yogyakarta is a paradise for Food hunter. Javanese is Famous with food with rich of spices. Yogyakarta food is identic with spicy and sweet cuisine. Eventhough, you will love these in first taste.

GUDEG is made from young jackfruit cooked with santan (coconut milk) and kluwak for 2 hours in a big pot. You can find out Gudeg from Warung (small restaurant) till fancy Restaurant. Usually, it is eaten with other food like black eeg, sambal, or kracak (cow skin). Find out the best one, you can ask for detail in www.goadventureid.com

Bakpia, the food which show the certain culture, Bakpia is meal made of green beans and flavors. If you visit Yogyakarta you will find Bakpia everywhere. Looking for Bakpia with Becak driver is amazing way to enjoy journey. You can ride becak and ask him where you can find out bakpia, and he will bring you to the kitchen of Bakpia.

Brongkos is made from red bean, tofu and beef cut with dice style then cooked with traditional recipe the taste was piquant and not to sweet.

Satay Klatak is food which made from lamb meat with little salt and then burned on fire. The special thing from this food is the material that used. The famous satay klatak is named Pak Pong. Much people visit his restaurant because the taste is very tasty.

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